Nowadays it feels everyone is so caught up in their own world, doing their own thing, not seeing anything around it. Like if we had some type of blinders, just like horses. That’s it. We are a bunch of horses walking around crashing into the walls that we built with our own hands.

TITOLO: Cavallo

CATEGORIA: cortometraggio


REGIA: Joana Maria Sousa


CITTA’: Torre Vedras (Portogallo)

NOTE SUL VIDEOMAKER: My name is Joana Maria, I was born in 1987, in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Ever since a small child, I was always been in touch with the arts, through the paintings and writing of my mother and theatre and music of my older sister. I found my path when I initiated the adventure of studying cinema, attending the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, in Lisbon. It was there where I discovered my love in writing, directing, editing and photography. I completed my training with courses in Brussels, Cologne and Budapest specializing in directing which gave me the opportunity to direct my first financed fiction short film – WE ARE DESPERATE – by Europe Media Program and consequently my first short documentary – LIKE A TREE – shot in China by invitation of the program Looking China 2015. Nowadays already with a few short-films directed and written by me – including the award-winning short fiction films “OOBE”, “WE ARE DESPERATE” and “SEE ACTIONS. NOT COLOURS.” – I’m still working really hard to provoke emotions and tell stories.