Racing against time, Phil must find a way to flag down help to save his comatose sister after he encounters a hoard of flesh eating zombies.

TITOLO: Room 205

CATEGORIA: cortometraggio


REGIA: Zac Chia


CITTA’: Los Angeles (Stati Uniti)

NOTE SUL VIDEOMAKER: Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Zac Chia is a Los Angeles based writer / director with a deep passion for telling meticulously crafted stories that put his characters and most importantly, his audience members on an emotional roller coaster ride. To Zac, there is nothing more important than creating an enjoyable experience for his viewers, and he loves to do so by crafting complete visual and aural experiences for them. He’s been extremely blessed to have met and collaborated with many talented filmmakers, and hopes to continue to grow with them, and to constantly be challenging themselves to come up with more inventive and innovative ways to tell unique and impactful stories. ​ Zac is currently in post-production for ‘Where Things May Grow’ and ‘Because Frankie’ with the incredibly talented writers / EPs of the respective projects – Taylor Blackburn, and Meg Hughes. He’s also currently working on a new draft of ‘Sector 7’ – the feature screenplay that was inspired by ‘Room 205’, his award-winning short, and the script of ‘Paracusis’, a short that will be directed by one of his talented long time collaborators, Yixia Li.

CAMERA USATA: Arri Alexa Classic with Zeiss Ultra Primes Lenses


PSW: Sector7